Shuto Bonus Track: game on the 14th of Nov

Hi team,hold off, it seems that we did not read the fine print… We thought the Shuto League was over, but it seems we have an extra game ahead of us: the place for "best 3rd" between our pool and the other 2nd div pool. The result will help determine next year divisions.

Anyway, the calendar is again changed, like this:
Sat. 6th of Nov: training for "sort-of-playoffs"
Sun. 14th of Nov: "sort-of-playoffs" game vs Baku or Dandelions
Thursday 18th of Nov: Beaujolais Nouveau Party in Idabashi
Sun 21th of Nov: game vs YCAC (BIG GAME !!!)
Sun 5th of Dec: game TBD
Sat 11th of Dec: All France Bonenkai and end of 1st semester

Sorry for the messy work. Hope you can join.