Season 2017/2018 is starting !

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Dear All France players and supporters,

Finally the new season is starting soon and we have already the Shuuto games aligned, please mark the dates and make your possible to be available on these days so we can present a strong team for all the upcoming games this year !

If you’re on teamsnap, you should have received the schedule, but if you’re not, please send a request to so I can add you.

  • September 10th @ 14:30 -> vs No Side
  • September 24th @ 15:20 -> vs Fuji Club
  • October 15th @ 15:00 -> vs Tentomushi
  • October 29th @ 14:00 -> vs Swift

To prepare for the first game, we will organize a training on Next Saturday ( September 2nd ) @ Ariake ( ) starting from 10:00AM until 12:00PM. Please join if you’re free and awake !

See you all very soon and let’s make a great season again this year !

Contact us !

8 + 9 =

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