New jerseys orders, please order before Wednesday 8 evening.

In honor of the 30th anniversary, our beloved Erwan has designed a wonderful set for us for 2017.
A lot of people have also requested to have their own jerseys, so now is the time ! Delivery expected for our anniversary game in a month.

If you wish to reserve one set or one jersey: I need to have all your answers to before Wednesday night, so please don’t wait too much.

  1. your size ( see the sizing chart attached as well ), they size tight so don’t hesitate to take one size larger. ( cut is like this : )
  2. if you want the full set or just the jersey.
  3. What number & the text you want on the jersey.

Price :

  • 4500 yen for the jersey only.
  • 6000 yen for the full set. ( adding a short and the socks, and a hug from your beloved captain !).

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