Japan 15 vs Classic All Blacks

A huge battle is scheduled this 12th of May, just before Cordier’s sayonara party: a game between the Japanese selection en route to the 2007 World Cup and the lately-retired All Blacks (renamed “Classic”), including Jonah Lomu, Carlos Spencer and others.

Tickets are available right now, but I wouldn’t wait to long if I were you. For details, see the flyer below.




  1. Hello Matt,

    I just accessed the nre relooked site now. (I couldn’t access the new site when i was in London).
    Mate, this looks great and user friendly, great job mate.

    Will go to meet Sanada-san on Thu. Will let u know how it goes.


  2. Yes, same comments as Tonio.
    Great idea and good job guys for this new website. Also, it is good to hear about All France (I don’t receive email from the mailing list).
    Allez les bleus !

    Cédric from Paris

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