Bruno, the 2019 World Cup specialist !

Our president, Bruno, as been chosen to be an adviser for Eventeam, official reseller of tickets and tours for the future Rugby World Cup happening in 2019 !

So if you haven’t reserved your tickets yet, don’t hesitate to contact them and we’ll be welcoming you in our lovely country.


Notre Président, Bruno, a été choisi pour être conseiller chez Eventeam, revendeur officiel de tickets et de tours de la future Coupe Du Monde de Rugby 2019

Si vous n’avez pas encore vos tickets, n’hésitez pas à les contacter, et en 2019, nous vous attendrons au Japon !

Season 2017/2018 is starting !

Dear All France players and supporters,

Finally the new season is starting soon and we have already the Shuuto games aligned, please mark the dates and make your possible to be available on these days so we can present a strong team for all the upcoming games this year !

If you’re on teamsnap, you should have received the schedule, but if you’re not, please send a request to so I can add you.

  • September 10th @ 14:30 -> vs No Side
  • September 24th @ 15:20 -> vs Fuji Club
  • October 15th @ 15:00 -> vs Tentomushi
  • October 29th @ 14:00 -> vs Swift

To prepare for the first game, we will organize a training on Next Saturday ( September 2nd ) @ Ariake ( ) starting from 10:00AM until 12:00PM. Please join if you’re free and awake !

See you all very soon and let’s make a great season again this year !

AFRC vs Moccos : Great victory for All France for the first game of the cup 2017

Sunday marked the first game of this year edition of the All France Cup, previously called DeVere cup, and All France showed great rugby talent along with strength and speed !

Despite showing up with only 16 players for this game ( yep only one sub ), All France managed to put Moccos in difficulty from the start of the game, with powerful attacks from our 12 (newly arrived Thomas) & 13 (Baptiste moving from the flanker role ) followed by the forwards group for support. Then our wings did their job many times, thanks Dan and Tom for such long runs.

The defense was what we learn at rugby school, aggressive and relentless. We got the Moccos tired after trying to pass is, only to be surprised by a stolen ball and a relaunch going often for the try.

But the last but not least point of this game was our scrum. We didn’t lose one and we were on the top of every scrum, even managing to steal the last one leading to a beautiful try.

So many tries I cannot remember anything, but thanks to Tom, Baptiste, Lolo, Dan, Ryo and all the others that helped during the whole game.

Let’s continue on this way and let’s win the cup !

Trainings with All France … what is it like ?



You’re tired of those long days at work and you want to work out in group. You’re new to Rugby or you already have experience. You’re missing the “French” spirit or you don’t mind the French jokes ?

Training at All France is for everyone and everyone is more than welcome to join us on Thursdays at Takadanobaba on NishiToyama baseball ground from 7:00PM to 9:00PM.

No need for registration or equipment, just bring sportswear and sport shoes and you’re good to go !


A training usually following the following schedule :

  • 15-20 minutes of Rugby touch to warm up
  • 20 minutes of cardio training to make you a machine !
  • 30 minutes of rugby training
  • The rest of time with touch applying what we’ve just studied

So beginners and more advanced players can find themselves in the group, and you can become part of the team once you feel ready and you want to apply your skills on the ground !

Of course we usually end up the session at the nearest Izakaya for a few beers and some food to stay in shape.

We’re waiting for new comers all the time so don’t hesitate to show up.

Trainings in November

We will have the Takadanobaba ground reserved for all Thursdays in November, so please come join us !
For a reminder or for the first timers, the ground is located at NishiToyama park HERE.
It’s synthetic so no spikes, just normal sport shoes.

Training start at 7PM ! Don’t be late.