Invitation from the dirty frogs for Kowloon 10s

Dear all, please find below an invitation from the Dirty Frogs for the Kowloon 10s tournament followed by the HK7s. "Dear Rugby Lads and Ladies, Dirty Frogs, Fabs... We are extremous excited to announce you that the 6th Dirty Frogs tour is ON !!!!!! (ALL RISE !!!!!)...

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Season 2017/2018 is starting !

Dear All France players and supporters, Finally the new season is starting soon and we have already the Shuuto games aligned, please mark the dates and make your possible to be available on these days so we can present a strong team for all the upcoming games this...

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January 22nd: game vs Doctors

  Despite the great help from players from Samurais Sevens due to many All France players missing , we lost to the Doctors yesterday by only a few tries (final score : 22-35). But we have plenty of friendly games to get ready for our cup scheduled mid March . Thanks...

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