AFRC vs Baku – 3rd place game – meeting at 12h00 on SATURDAY 11th at Yanokuchi Station

Hi guys,great bonenkai last week, let’s wrap up 2010 with a victory vs Baku no Kai. Be careful, game is on Saturday !!!

Date: Saturday 11th of December.

Meeting time: 12:00

Station: JR Yanokuchi Station 矢野口 on the JR Nambu Line 南武線

Ground: Yanokuchi Ground


Game Kick-Off: 14:00

So far, according to Doodle:

IN (12):

Forwards (10): Kosuke, Matthieu Vignaud, William, Charlie, Laurent, Dom, Arthur, Higashi, Benoit, New Alex

Backs (2): Yamamoto, Nico K,

Coaches (2): Bruno, Damien,

Maybe (4): Andrew, Hiro, Vincent, Fabien,

Please update/check your status on doodle for that important game or send an email with YES/NO/Maybe.