Invitation from the dirty frogs for Kowloon 10s

Dear all, please find below an invitation from the Dirty Frogs for the Kowloon 10s tournament followed by the HK7s.

Dear Rugby Lads and Ladies, Dirty Frogs, Fabs...

We are extremous excited to announce you that the 6th Dirty Frogs tour is ON !!!!!! (ALL RISE !!!!!)

The Dirty frogs are enrolled in this year of the Kowloon Rugby Fest 10's tournament held on Wednesday, April 4th.

Following the KW Rugby Fest, the HK 7's will kick off on April 6th for 3 days of Craziness (with a big C).

Every overseas player playing for the Dirty frogs on the 4th will be entitled to a 3 day HK 7's ticket at face value, and a playing jersey sponsored by Pastis. (Please note that it’s almost impossible to obtain the HK7s tickets at normal price !!!!).

So, if you want to come and join a week of Super Fun and participate to the crazyness of HK 7's, please contact and we will forward you the details.

As usual, this team is about solidarity, as long as you play, have played or just enjoy watching rugby, you are welcome as a frog.

Bruno, the 2019 World Cup specialist !

Our president, Bruno, as been chosen to be an adviser for Eventeam, official reseller of tickets and tours for the future Rugby World Cup happening in 2019 !

So if you haven’t reserved your tickets yet, don’t hesitate to contact them and we’ll be welcoming you in our lovely country.


Notre Président, Bruno, a été choisi pour être conseiller chez Eventeam, revendeur officiel de tickets et de tours de la future Coupe Du Monde de Rugby 2019

Si vous n’avez pas encore vos tickets, n’hésitez pas à les contacter, et en 2019, nous vous attendrons au Japon !

Season 2017/2018 is starting !

Dear All France players and supporters,

Finally the new season is starting soon and we have already the Shuuto games aligned, please mark the dates and make your possible to be available on these days so we can present a strong team for all the upcoming games this year !

If you’re on teamsnap, you should have received the schedule, but if you’re not, please send a request to so I can add you.

  • September 10th @ 14:30 -> vs No Side
  • September 24th @ 15:20 -> vs Fuji Club
  • October 15th @ 15:00 -> vs Tentomushi
  • October 29th @ 14:00 -> vs Swift

To prepare for the first game, we will organize a training on Next Saturday ( September 2nd ) @ Ariake ( ) starting from 10:00AM until 12:00PM. Please join if you’re free and awake !

See you all very soon and let’s make a great season again this year !

4/8 – Anniversary Dinner for the club 30th year ! (English-version)

The 30th anniversary of your beloved Rugby Club is getting closer so we thought it would be great to release a few hints of what you can expect, and how unforgettable it will be for both players and friends.

After our anniversary game in Edogawa which will welcome both old and new players, everyone will team-up for dinner in a spirit you won’t find anywhere else than in the rugby world. For the old timers, it will bring memories of games, parties and friendships you can’t replace. And for the new players, it will make them more willing to participate to our activities.

Starting from 7:30PM, we will wait for you at the Petit Tonneau Akasaka to make you feel as part of the All France family, and we’ll show you how we party ! No need to play rugby to join us, let us guide you.

While having french cuisine and along good drinks, we’ll make you feel at home with :

  • Crazy paquitos ( yeah, trust me on this ! )
  • DJ and Spanish live band for an unstoppable dance floor
  • Group games to make new friends.
  • And a raffle with unbelievable prizes

For more information and to book your night with us, please contact Bruno Leroy at

We are waiting for you to make this party ON FIRE.

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La soiree anniversaire des 30ans du club ! (French-version)

Alors que l’anniversaire des 30 ans du All France Rugby Club se rapproche et petit à petit, nous vous dévoilons le programme de la soirée du 8 Avril qui s’annonce mémorable pour tout le monde, joueurs et visiteurs.

Après un match qui rassemblera anciens et nouveaux, tous se retrouveront dans une ambiance qu’on ne retrouve que dans les clubs de rugby, qui rappelera aux anciens des souvenirs de matchs, de fêtes et de camaraderie irremplaçables et qui suscitera chez nos nouveaux joueurs une envie de s’investir encore plus.

A partir de 19h30, nous vous attendons au Petit Tonneau pour vous faire découvrir ou bien retrouver comment le All France sait s’amuser ! Pas besoin de jouer au rugby pour s’y intégrer, laissez-nous vous guider !

Autour de cuisine Francaise et de bons petits verres, nous vous mettrons une ambiance d’enfer avec entre autres :

  • Des paquitos de folie !
  • Une ambiance autour de musique variée pour vous faire danser toute la soiree avec DJ et Bandas.
  • Des jeux en équipe pour tous
  • Une tombola avec des prix a tomber

Pour plus d’informations et pour réserver votre soirée, merci de contacter Bruno Leroy a l’adresse

Nous vous attendons tous pour mettre le feu au stade !

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